Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fa New York!

Road Trip!

A few weeks back I made a trip into New York City to make use of the public library system to get a look at the book Rapports sur la langue musicale . Now, I was not sure what to expect, since this title was not the same as the famed Langue universelle musicale, but the book was listed by Sudre and a full seventy-six pages. As a result, I did as I'm often prone to do and jumped to the best-case scenario. I hoped that this book would contain more details about Solresol's grammar or some other Sudre-isms, that it would give me some more insight into Fran├žois's thought processes. Rapports sur la langue musicale also predated the publication of the Solresol Grammar which piqued my interest. Unfortunately, the book was not all I hoped it would be. It turned out to be a collection of articles from newspapers and other publications on the introduction of Solresol to the general public and Sudre's ideas behind the language. No dictionary of hundreds of Solresol words. No grammar with further info.

I'm posting some pictures of the book, as I haven't seen it on the net. And also to show that I didn't come back empty-handed :)

One interesting tidbit I learned while reading parts of the book was that one of Sudre's selling points for his language was that it could be used as a means of secret communication during war between members of the same army. This somewhat put me off, as I'm all for pacifism or nonviolence, but whether this was Sudre's true sentiment - that is, his true hope for how the language would be used - or just another persuasive point in his cache on top of many others, I don't know.

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